Procedure to get Regular Driving Licence

Submit your regular Driving Licence file before expire of your Learner's Driving Licence to avoid any inconvenience.

Download Form


Step 1

Take the ‘Regular Driving Licence’ Form from the R&LA


Download this Form from this website."Click Here" to view the Checklist and download the requisite Forms

Step 2 Read the instructions mentioned in the File/Forms carefully.
Step 3 Complete and attach all the required Documents as per the Checklist.
Step 4 Book your online appointment for submission of file
Step 5 Go for the Regular Driving License Test."Click Here" to view the Regular Driving Test location & timings.
Step 6

If you pass the test, collect your file/ file receipt from the examiner


If you fail in the test, come again to reappear in the test after number of days prescribed by the examiner.


  • This is a downloaded File. In order to deposit the same, the applicant has to collect the 'File receipt' from the R&LA File Sale Counter after depositing the concerned File Fee.
  • Please bring the original documents whose attested photocopies have been attached with the file.