Ques.1 Which vehicle require permit ?
Ans. The following Transport Vehicles shall have permits issued by the concerned Regional Transport Authority or State Transport Authority to use the vehicle as a transport vehicle. Various categories of permits are issued depending upon the use of vehicle. The following are categories of permits issued by S.T.A. 
Stage Carriage : Only Chandigarh Transport Undertaking is being issued these permits at present.
Contract Carriage : 1) Buses-120 as on 31.8.06.
2) Auto Rickshaws-2000 as on 31.8.2006.
3) A.C.Taxis-130 as on 31.8.2006(with 02-A Series)
Private Service Vehicles: i) In the name of firm/company/institution and trusts (7+1 seater and above)
ii) In the name or under agreement with educational Institutions.
Goods Carriage: a) LMV/MHV/HMV/Multi 
b) Axle Vehicles
All India Permit to Tourist Vehicles: (i) Motor Cabs------ 02 Series.
(ii) Maxi Cabs------- 02 Series.
(iii) Tourist Buses--- 02 Series.

The permit is valid for the period of five years. Special permits will be issued for a limited period for the conveyance of passengers on special occasions such as Fairs, Religious Gatherings, Seasonal business or temporary need.
Ques.2 Who is eligible for permit ?
Ans. Any registered owner of a transport vehicle can apply for the permit. However, there are restrictions or permits are made available only after notification of government. 
Ques.3 Who enforces the permit conditions ?
Ans. The Enforcement Wing of Transport Department inspects the permit conditions.
Ques.4 What is the action taken against violation of permit conditions ?
Ans. Action is taken by State Transport Authority (STA) against these offenders Under Section 86 of M.V. Act for suspension/cancellation of permits.
Ques.5 Where do I have to apply for different permits ?
Ans. Application along with other necessary documents, as per checklists can be submitted at the Counter in office of Secretary, State Transport Authority., Sector-18, Chandigarh.