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Vehicle Number Series & Documents

In compliance with the orders passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, the Transport Department, Chandigarh Administration vide Notification No. 2/3/1-HIII(7)-2013/3582, dated 27th Feb., 2013 has adopted the Scheme for the implementation of High Security Registration Plates in U.T., Chandigarh.

As regards the new vehiclesthat are being registered in U.T., Chandigarh, the HSRP are being affixed at the time of Registration itself. However, as regards the old registered vehiclesin U.T., Chandigarh, these vehicle are being taken up for the affixation of HSRP one series at a time, in order to carry out the process sequentially and to comprehensively cover all the old registered vehicles in U.T., Chandigarh.

The owners of vehicles having registration number of the series that have been taken up for HSRP affixation can apply at their respective R&LA offices (i.e. R&LA Office Sector-17, SDM(South) Office, Sector-42, or SDM(East) Office, Indl. Area, Phase-I, Chandigarh) with the following documents:-

  • Application on plain paper mentioning the detail of Chassis Number, Engine Number, Make, Model
  • Copy of Registration Certificate of the vehicle
  • Copy of Valid Insurance

For wide publicity among the registered owners of the U.T., Chandigarh, Press releases are given from time to time to make people aware of the vehicle number series that are being taken up for HSRP affixation. The list of vehicle number series that have been taken up for HSRP affixation till now is given below :-

Current Registration Series for HSRP Affixation : No Active Series
Current Running Series : No Current Series

Sr.NoReg. Series already Completed/Initiated for Affixation of HSRP
1 CH01AA
2 CH01AB
3 CH01AC
4 CH01AD
5 CH01AE
6 CH01AF
7 CH01AG
8 CH01AH
9 CH01AJ
10 CH01AK
11 CH01AL
12 CH01AM
13 CH01AN
14 CH01AP
15 CH01AQ
16 CH01AR
17 CH01AS
18 CH01AT
19 CH01AU
20 CH01AV
21 CH01AW
22 CH01AX
23 CH01AY
24 CH01AZ
25 CH01BA
26 CH01BB
27 CH01BC
28 CH01BD
29 CH01BE
30 CH01BF
31 CH03P
32 CH03Q
33 CH03R
34 CH03S
35 CH03U
36 CH03V
37 CH03W
38 CH03X
39 CH03Y
40 CH03Z
41 CH04
42 CH04A
43 CH04B
44 CH04C
45 CH04E
46 CH04F
47 CH04H
48 CH04J
49 CH04K
50 CH04L